Pearl Parties

Hosting a party is easy:

1. Use the contact form on the site

2. Let us know what day and time you would like

3. Tell us if you would like your party on our YouTube channel or your YouTube channel

4. Get ready to have a lot of fun

What our host or hostesses receive:

1. You will get one shucking and one of our silver plated pendants (your choice)

2. 15% discount coupon code for you to use on

3. 10 orders opens up the door prize drawing

4. Reach $300.00 in sales and you receive one Sterling Silver Pendant (your choice shucking not included)

5. Reach $400.00 in orders and in addition to what you receive in 1, 2 and 4 you’ll also receive a $25.00 Amazon gift card via email, so you can use it right away.